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Jim Miller, UFC's most winningest lightweight, gave Biagio the task of creating a lion's claw with the saying "He Who Greets With Fire".  The phrase is a direct translation to an actual lion's name which is Swahili in origin, from a documentary about natural enemies, hyenas and lions.  The lion was a fierce warrior who killed any hyena in sight and this drive is the same mentality that Jim possesses in the octagon.  Biagio decided to design the piece from the perspective of being swiped by the lion's claw to demonstrate the heat of the fierce attack.  Ironically, Jim, in his first fight after the tattoo, defeated his opponent, Lauzon, with skin splitting devastation.  Jim's opponent left the fight looking like he was mauled by a lion.  Biagio created the tattoo for Jim Miller as an original and freehand piece.  A true, one-of-a-kind.

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