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“Duality of The Dead” A beautiful Gemini is also a deadly one.  This is what sums up this piece.  A creation that takes the idea of a Gemini, with their dual personality, and with the collaborative efforts of the client and myself to visually interpret this tattoo.  There is the beautiful masquerading colorful vixen that has her hidden darkness lurking below.  The “Day of the Dead,” a mexican celebration of passed loved ones, was the inspiration for this  tattoo.  A celebration that involves painting oneself with ornate skeleton designs to honor the dead.  This often ends in the cemetery where the buried loved have the festivities brought to them.  The client and I wanted to have one side masquerading in the day of the dead spirit.  Having the other side withering into a skeleton, no signs of the festive spirit.  “Duality of the Dead” was entirely an original, freehand creation to create a unique form-fitting  tattoo.          -Biagio

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